Dyche frustrated by Hammers penalty winner

Sean Dyche felt Tom Heaton was fouled in the build-up to West Ham being awarded their penalty winner at the London Stadium.

Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 10:58 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th December 2016, 11:22 am
Sean Dyche

Burnley suffered a sixth defeat in seven away games in the Premier League after Mark Noble netted the rebound after Heaton saved his spot kick, after Ben Mee brought down Winston Reid.

But Dyche believes Heaton was impeded by Michail Antonio, and said: "Very frustrated, frustrated we can't get a decision - a clear foul on Tom Heaton, I don't know how the ref didn't see it.

"Antonio makes a back, doesn't even look at the ball, barges into him, it drops, and it is a penalty then, but it's very frustrating because every other keeper in the league would fall on their back, flailing around, and it's given.

"And because ours do it the proper way...it used to be applauded, and you used to play this game properly, now we're called naive.

"Amazing, the old standards of life.

"It's a weird thing, how can it be old-fashioned to play a game in the proper manner. The amount of times people went down tonight, and had the trainer on as well, and then were miraculously alright...I just find it bizarre.

"I'm flummoxed at times. I see it every week in the Premier League, and the powers that be don't seem to want to change it.

"But if Tom Heaton goes rolling around the floor, I bet you any money it gets given as a foul.

"It shouldn't matter whether he does or not, if it's a foul, it's a foul."

Dyche spoke before the game, condemning divers, and admits his side have been punished for trying to be honest, and added: "We've got to stick to what we believe in because I have to look at myself in the mirror as a manager and I'm trying to help these lads with their careers, and in my opinion, we attempt to do it the right way. We don't always get it right but we try to attempt to. Unfortunately it's very clear if Tom falls on his back and rolls around, the referee gives it.

"When you hit a keeper these days, it's pretty much always a foul, minimal contact, but it wasn't tonight.

"We haven't had the right side of it so far, we might debates ones on another day which have gone our way, but we've had five game changers go against us, and that's too many."

However, he knows his side were below par in the first half, despite creating a series of chances after the break: "I was amazed at some of the decisions, but that's another story. I thought they were better first half, we were better second half.

"We wanted to play a bit on the nervous tension in the stadium, and I thought it was there in patches.

"We didn't first half, and that's something we have to find a solution to, playing for the whole game.

"Second half, really good reaction, and that's why I'm so frustrated with the referee's decision, because if we go in at half-time, I can say my bit, and we get the reaction we did second half.

"Very unfortunate not to score second half with three big, big chances.

"To be fair to Vokesy, their defender overhead kicks it, and his feet is 6ft high and hits him in the shoulder. If that's in the middle of the pitch, that's a foul, he flinches at the last second and it comes off the top of his head, but he should score.

"Andre had one, a stud from putting it in, Keano from a well-worked set piece...I'm disappointed in the outcome, but not too disappointed in the performance.

"It's still tough going away in the Premier League, and second half was very strong I felt, with some real quality football, first half we just didn't show the same composure to play.

"That wasn't all that was missing, but that would have helped. The front players didn't keep the ball, the retention was poor, we didn't get into the positions we wanted to, we didn't open up the pitch, and second half the clarity of delivering a performance came flooding back, and I thought we were very good."