Clitheroe leave no stone unturned in preparations

Jason Conchie
Jason Conchie
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Clitheroe have left no stone unturned in their preparations for the season, with the appointment of lead sports therapist Jason Conchie.

Jason combines Sports Science with Sports Medicine to bring a dual scientific approach to Shawbridge.

Recently graduated from UCLAN and mentored by NJD Sports Injury Centre, Jason deviates slightly from his routine sports therapy duties to include crucial aspects of sports science in the form of body-fat levels.

He has taken pre-season body-fat levels for each player and set optimum targets with respect to % body-fat and corresponding body-weight.

He explained: “Competitive outfield players must control their body-fat levels if they are to achieve optimum physiological performance. Excess body-fat is dead weight and detrimental to performance, because it must be carried around the playing field.

“Typically, 1% of excess body-fat represents carrying 1kg of sugar on your back throughout a game.

“From a physiological perspective, excess body-fat reduces the player’s power-to-weight ratio and lowers their oxygen uptake.

“From a player’s perspective, this means it reduces acceleration during sprinting, affects jumping capability and can lead to premature fatigue during intense games.”

Jason - a county sprinter over many distances with a 10.9 second 100m time - will monitor targets on a regular basis.