Clitheroe close to naming new manager

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CLITHEROE Football Club chairman Anne Barker has moved closer to making a managerial appointment.

Following a committee meeting at Shawbridge, a leading candidate came to the fore and an official approach was made.

The new potential Blues boss is expected to return to the club with a decision early next week, and Barker is hopeful that a deal can be struck.

“We had a meeting on Monday and we’ve made an approach for somebody,” said Barker. “They will be getting back to the committee at the beginning of the week so fingers crossed we’ll be able to make an announcement then.

“I’m totally happy with the person we’ve approached. We wouldn’t have made the approach if we didn’t feel he was capable of doing the job. It’s with him now so it’s his decision whether he wants to come to the club.”

Barker added: “I was very impressed after our conversation.

“If he comes to us the process will be a long term strategy. There was no promises of immediate success, play-offs or being promoted. He realises it’s a long term development and that’s what I liked about him.

“He was very realistic and understood that there was no magic formula.”

Meanwhile, an extraordinary general meeting has been called by the club’s committee on Thursday, May 24th at Shawbridge at 7-30 p.m. to discuss a move for Clitheroe FC to become a limited company.

Everyone is welcome to attend but only committee members and season ticket holders will be able to vote on the matter.

“We held a committee meeting and decided that the time was right to become a limited company,” Barker said. “We are currently just volunteers and have no protection from financial liabilities.

“It would protect us as individuals.

“We’ve called an extraordinary general meeting.

“Anybody is invited to attend, but only season ticket holders and committee members will be able to vote.

“We need the support of the voting people to change from being a committee led club to becoming a limited company.”