Clarets operating within their limits

Financial challenge: Clarets boss Sean Dyche
Financial challenge: Clarets boss Sean Dyche
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Ahead of tomorrow’s trip to Arsenal, Clarets boss Sean Dyche has baulked at suggestions Burnley are going to take the Premier League money and run.

Without a win in their opening nine league games, having spent in the region of £8m in the summer, the Clarets have come in for criticism for their perceived lack of investment.

It is the lowest spend in the Premier League since Blackpool were promoted in 2010, but as Dyche outlines, it is just the way it is: “There is always going to be outside perception, but you can spin every scenario.

“On the finance side, people say you have to spend more, and if you spend more, they ask why have you spent all that money!

“It’s all perception, but we have to focus on what we are doing. We are aware of the challenges, and we have to understand them, but the rest of it is opinion.

“I think the biggest surprise, from the supporters’ point of view, is the enormity of what needs to be spent at every level to enhance the Premier League.

“Compared to last time, the amount of finance you have to put into it to get a team that can operate at this level...there has been a radical transformation in around four years.”

He added: “The biggest challenge has been to align players who can take us forward, at the right cost base.

“We’ve seen players move from Championship club to Championship club for huge fees, and it is very difficult for us to operate.

“Fees are massive for Championship players who we felt could enhance us - you would be amazed at the fees quoted. And with Premier League players, wages were astronomical.

“The board put in a guideline of what we should be spending to be competitive, but the reality is, I can advise the board to spend more, but £1m wouldn’t make a difference, it would have to be £10m plus, and the club can’t do that - it would ruin the fabric of the club.

“We’ve all seen it, four years ago, £10m would have brought in a number of players, but now it’s the price of a Championship striker.

“The board have to make a decision for the club, and my job is to work with what I have, and make it work.

“There’s no denying it, we’ve tried to be open.”