Clitheroe Wolves celebrate another big season

CLITHEROE Wolves recently held their 18th annual presentation at The Grand, York Street.

Thursday, 1st July 2010, 10:05 am

Chairman and secretary George Hibbert, who founded the club in 1992, welcomed everyone, while the Mayor, Coun. Alan Yearing and his wife, the Mayoress, Susan, joined Farouk Hussain of Clitheroe Cricket Club to help present the prizes.

Roll of honour: Under 8s - Managers' player - Noel Byrne; Most improved - Mackensie Currie; Player of the year - Cara Milne Redhead;

Under 9s Green - Manager's player - Jacob Crompton; Most improved - Cameron Smith; Player of the year - Murray O'Rourke;

Under 9s Red - Sportsman of the year - James Prendergast; Most improved - Joe Briggs; Player of the year - Leighton Clarkson;

Under 9s Yellow - Manager's player - Ben England; Most improved - Oliver Taylor; Player of the year - Sam Mulligan;

Under 10s Red - Sportsperson - Frankie Jackson/James Scorah; Most improved - Owen Jackson; Player of the year - Juddson Hickey;

Under 10s Yellow - Manager's player - Jack Orrell; Most improved - Solomon Plant; Player of the year - Ryan Duffy;

Under 11s Yellow - Sportsperson - Adam McGrath; Most improved - Calum Thornber; Player of the year - Morgan Coulson;

Under 11s Blue - Manger's player - Tom Hillsdon; Most improved - Andy King; Player of the year - Ben Ibbotson;

Under 11s Red - Manager's player - Daniel Trainer; Most improved - Adam Stansfield; Player of the year - William Holmes;

Under 12s Blue - Sportsman - Sam Hill; Most improved - Rueben Pickett; Player of the year - Jordan Parkington;

Under 12s Red - Sportsperson - William Fowler; Most improved - William Towler; Player of the year - William Kelly;

Under 13s Red - Manager's player - Edward Drake; Most improved - Aiden Ratcliffe; Player of the year - Ryan Cattermole;

Under 13s Blue - Manager's player - James Sharples; Most improved - Jack Exel; Player of the year - James Porter;

Under 14s Red - Manager's player - Jordan Atkinson; Most improved - James Buckley; Player of the year - William Nolan;

Under 14s Blue - Manager's player - Thomas Stirzaker; Most improved - Ben Shackleton; Player of the year - Sam Girven;

Under 15s - Sportsman - Ashley Moran; Most improved - Jake Edwards; Player of the year - Jake Lloyd;

Under 16s Red - Manager's player - George Nolan; Most improved - Luke Jarrold; Player of the year - Ross Dent;

Under 16s Blue - Managers' player - Tom Carter; Most improved - Aaron Ripley; Player of the year - Tom Rigby.