Chris wins bowling competition at Ribblesdale Wanderers!

THE competition for the Ted Tomlinson Trophy was held last Saturday at Ribblesdale Wanderers Bowling Club, where the host club had a representative, Alan Dewhurst, in the semi-final.

Sunday, 24th June 2012, 12:00 pm

However, he was swept away by Michael Beardmore of Rushton Street A.

The other semi-final was between two previous winners, both members of Rushton Street, Stewart Gall of the A team, and Chris Cornall of the B team.

Cornall progressed to meet Beardmore, and Cornall’s three chalk advantage soon disappeared, as Beardmore took the early lead at 6-5.

However, Cornall then scored a six break to lead 11-6.

Back came Beardmore, and the two were level at 13, then 14, then 16 across.

Cornall pulled away to 19-16, but Beardmore came back yet again, leading well on a longer mark, to snatch the lead 20-19, but Cornall dug in to level at 20-all, and was able to finish with a good lead, as his opponent failed with a strike at the final end.



Chris Cornall (Rushton St B) 21, Dave Burns (Free Gardeners A) 15; Stewart Gall (Rushton St A) 21, Lynne Nuttall (Mercer Park) 15; Alan Dewhurst (Ribblesdale A) 21, Steve Townley (Oakhill Vets) 13; Michael Beardmore (Rushton St A) 21, Arthur Norman (Ribblesdale A) 15.


Chris Cornall 21, Stewart Gall 14; Alan Dewhurst 3, Michael Beardmore 21.


Chris Cornall 21, Michael Beardmore 20.