Woolly liberal Prime Minister needs to act tough

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron
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I notice that thousands of voters are surprised UKIP have done so well in local and European elections, I am one of those that is not surprised.

Mr Chope, a Conservative MP was reported to ask the question “Why don’t people vote these days as in the past?” These are my views, having been a Tory voter and supporter since the 1950s.

In the early days I was a Young Conservative before being allowed to vote. During the ’50s ’60s and ’70s we, the general public, could attend open meetings to question our MPs and prospective MPs. Now it’s rare to get a reply to a letter, usually it’s just “thank you for your correspondence”. Not good enough.

Then we have the expenses fiddling; it still goes on as per the latest expense scandal by Maria Miller MP for Slough. Yet again the Prime Minister didn’t act quickly enough, he let the woman cling onto her job for a while.

I and many of my friends are sick to the back teeth of the way Clegg and his cohorts disrupt Conservative policies. They should be thrown out of the coalition. If it causes a General Election, bring it on.

The PM needs to change his woolly liberal ways of thinking. He needs to act tough and be more to the right and not the left. He promised to act on immigration, tougher border controls, tougher sentences for criminals. We want to see some action.

Then we have to put up with criminals, including rapists and murderers, on our streets. We are told we can’t get rid of these criminals; we can Get rid of their human rights, it’s all humbug. Many of us also find it hard to believe his words for a referendum on the EU.

Finally the Government is cutting back the British Army by building up the reservists, but sacking experienced personnel. Security on the cheap, it won’t work. Our Servicemen are too valuable to be treated in this shameful way. All this in a world that is getting more dangerous. Soon it looks as if we might lose Scotland, will the PM resign? I doubt it.

MP Nigel Evans, as a Deputy Speaker, couldn’t ask questions in The House – how is this democracy. In the European Election I and many of my friends voted UKIP. Unless the Conservative Party brighten up their ideas we will either vote UKIP or abstain.

Martin James,

Meadowside, Grindleton