What use is a cowardly politician?

border controls at Heathrow. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire
border controls at Heathrow. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire
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When I was at school, I distinctly remember a teacher impressing upon his class the dangers of over population.

This was more than half a century ago but the fact it was being taught in the classroom at that time demonstrated it had been recognised as a real threat to the future of the planet.

Today there is much more hard evidence to support this argument yet throughout the current election campaign no political party has chosen to address escalating population numbers as being the underlying cause of climate change.

Instead, our politicians quibble over the organisation of healthcare and education, of employment, housing and the nations’ infrastructure and energy supply but not once do they acknowledge all these are the consequences of a burgeoning population.

Their collective difficulty is that for past decades they encouraged immigration to satisfy a need for cheap labour and now they are reluctant to admit that therein lies the cause of our present dilemma.

There is no doubt it is a subject fraught with political pitfalls but what use is a cowardly politician?

John Cave

Caernavon Avenue