What dim-witted jobsworths brought charges against MP?

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
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Mr Evans has been found not guilty and the preposterous charges against him thrown out, in the briefest of timescales, by a jury of his peers.

I feel sure all his constituents rejoice in this decision, while wondering what dim-witted jobsworths felt the case worth pursuing in the first place and then had the brass neck to argue publicly, that it was the right thing to do.

The irony is that Mr Evans now faces a huge financial loss owing to no fault of his own, unless of course, he chose to support the Conservative Party (he was not an independent then) when in 2011, Ken Clark MP QC, championed a change to the law, which removed the rights of defendants found not guilty to recover their costs from the public purse.

If he wants to adopt some worthwhile causes I suggest he starts by trying to reverse this peevish policy, moreover, he could call for a statute of limitations. Can there be no danger of a miscarriage of justice when witnesses are casting their minds back over decades?

While reflecting on events he may remember how poor David Cameron’s judgement is when it comes to those he chooses to back, through hell and high water and those he readily discards.

Having mulled things over perhaps he will support those, in his constituency who supported him and gird his loins to make a concerted effort to fight the over-development in the Ribble Valley.

Sean Gallagher

Brockhall Village