We need larger chapels at crematorium and cemetery

Burnley Crematorium
Burnley Crematorium
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We had to say farewell to an old time friend of ours by way of Jack Taylor who passed away.

Jack had a fantastic turnout from friends and family. The event was only marred, once again, by lack of room at the chapel at the crematorium. The chapel is way too small for the passing of popular people of Burnley and has been for many years now. People had to stand at the back and, on this occasion, at the front of the chapel some of whom were clearly disabled. This is simply not good enough.

Burnley Council charges some of the highest rates in the country for burials and cremations and the chapels need enlarging both in the cemetery and at the crematorium. Why should people who have to come to mourn the passing of friends and relatives have to stand, often in pain and discomfort, at the funerals of the elderly while the parks and cemetery reap from their passing by charging huge fees for them to be buried or cremated?

On a number of occasions I have even seen mourners standing outside in the rain listening to the services on loudspeakers – simply not good enough Burnley Council.

Might I ask on behalf of all these people, has the council any plans to enlarge the chapels at both the crematorium and public cemetery, and if so, when?

Jack Nadin

Cog Lane, Burnley