Trigger-happy thugs have killed our ducks

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What have we come to when cruel, barbaric acts of mindless violence can be so casually carried out against vulnerable, defenceless wildlife with such impunity by trigger-happy, cold-hearted thugs?

It was mortifying to see the aftermath of such carnage recently brought to bear on the wonderful community of wild ducks. The ducks have become such a familiar sight on many of our local rivers, enriching the environment by their presence. People often bring children on outings to feed them. In the warmer weather the cute, fluffy ducklings are always a sight for sore eyes. Will we see any this year?

It was so sad seeing those poor, lifeless little ducks shot dead and left where they had fallen, striking fear and panic into those who had escaped with their lives from such a cowardly act of gratuitous violence.

Jean Cunningham

Wood Street, Colne