Traffic nightmare getting out of Burnley

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Just after lunchtime on Tuesday, August 4th, I set out from my home in Cliviger to pick up my grandson in Morecambe.

My attempt to get out of Burnley was fraught with difficulties as I am sure a lot of your readers have found.

Recognising the work going on at the Gannow roundabout and the likely traffic congestion, I decided to go via Rossendale Road. That was my first mistake since, due to temporary traffic lights near the Texaco garage, the traffic was queued halfway up the hill on Rossendale Road.

Not making much progress in getting through the lights, I then decided to make a detour onto Accrington Road. This turned out to be my second mistake as, again due to temporary traffic lights at the junction of Rossendale Road with Accrington Road, the traffic was queued back to the petrol station in Accrington Road.

After about 45 minutes I finally managed to get out of Burnley and onto the M65 at the Network 65 entrance.

I have difficulty in understanding how and why permission was given for work to be undertaken at the same time on both Rossendale Road and Accrington Road when there was already significant disruption being caused by the work on the Gannow roundabout and the M65 itself.

The intelligence and wisdom of officials involved in the decision-making process for the roadworks beggars belief. Maybe they don’t live in Burnley and therefore don’t care.

Finally, if the current disruptive situation continues for any length of time we may find it has more serious consequences than a number of irate motorists.

Dave Duerden