Time for Ribble Valley MP to speak out over housing

Nigel Evans in the House of Commons. Photo: PA/PA Wire
Nigel Evans in the House of Commons. Photo: PA/PA Wire

I read with interest your report of the meeting between Planning Minister Nick Boles and local campaign groups (Clitheroe Advertiser, October 3rd).

I was pleased to hear the presentation given by Mike Harper which summed up the current position and to listen to the Minister’s comments on what was said in that presentation and by other attendees.

What we didn’t get the chance to do was to follow up his comments with those questions concerning Government policies for which he is responsible – policies which are at the heart of our problems.

Questions which ask if the Government will take action to stop urban sprawl, support people who fight to preserve their communities, their heritage and way of life in the spirit of the Big Society? To ask questions for people who want to see affordable houses built rather than market value properties and to ask if the Government sees the need for planning controls to be in the hands of local people or in the hands of developers as at present?

As our MP is no longer restricted by the role of Deputy Speaker he is now free to ask questions and voice the concerns which he says he shares with us all in Parliament.

He has coined the phrase that as far as housing applications in the valley are concerned he is “Mr No!”

He now needs to be “Mr Yes” and speak up for those hundreds of valley residents who have been itching for him to do so. I shall be looking forward to watching his performance on the BBC’s Parliament channel.

If you have any questions you think should come before Parliament send them to him directly – I’m sure he will be glad to consider them.

Nick Walker

Save Whalley Village