The young people are our future in Burnley Wood

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Regarding the Burnley Wood Community Centre protest - why can Burnley councillors not see sense when another community of people is coming together to save the last thing they have?

To hold their community together is not asking for the Crown Jewels. Children growing up should have things to do. Over the last 25 years all we have seen is these communities being destroyed. Kids with nothing to do only wandering the streets causing havoc. Kids marching on the town hall really does not look good for Burnley councillors.

If all councillors cannot get together and look after these communities then, in my eyes, they are not fit to be councillors serving the people of Burnley. The way forward is these youngsters, not the fat cat builders taking every opportunity to make more and more money at everybody’s expense.

Volunteers giving everything for nothing just to see kids grow up and have a reasonable standard of life, is that really too much to ask?

Peter Ingham

Sycamore Avenue, Burnley