Take care when treading the streets of Clitheroe

Clitheroe Police Station
Clitheroe Police Station
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Tourist walks around Clitheroe No. 13. Market Trail. Time 30 minutes (+/- accidents). Difficulty: Easy (+/- accidents).

Start at the Post Office, which is still open and not yet part of Tesco. Proceed toward the Railway Station. Turn left by the side of the Police Station, which is still open at certain times. Note this location, as you may need to return.

En passant, note the Victorian architecture of the cop shop, and the old dog kennels, now empty due to legislation. Then, beware, there are some large pot holes. You may miss these as you regard the rear facade of the inspiring Ribble Valley Homes building.

If you do fall into one of these holes, on a weekday you’re in luck – the health centre is open and not far away, and the Physiotherapy Centre could be available for a quick rub down. Not that they are “touting” for business!

Finish, after viewing 80 market stalls, at any decent ale house.

Seriously, not all locals, or tourists, enter the market by the “main” routes. The back of the police station is a disgrace – whose responsibility? RVBC, LCC or Uncle Tom Cobbley? The pot holes must be six inches deep in places.

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