‘Status-symbol’ dogs should be muzzled in public

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As one of a small group of people who assisted the lady who owned the Shih Tzu dog attacked in the centre of Colne on June 15th (Colne Times, June 21st), I’d like to point out that the police, in spite of what they are quoted as saying, were not interested.

I had to use the outside telephone and was put through to Lancashire police who said it was a matter for the dog warden as it was dog on dog. Try contacting a dog warden at 6pm on a Saturday!

I even spoke to a policewoman outside Colne Police Station. She was on a “shout” and said she would let somebody know. The mother of the woman who runs the Hare and Hounds at Foulridge, both of whom were eye witnesses, had the same response from the police, but at least she obtained a Crime Reference Number.

If the owner of the Rottweiler could be caught, he should be made to pay the vet’s bill. If he were manly enough, without the kudos of his huge dog, as he clearly does not know how to handle this normally calm animal, to come forward and offer to help the woman instead of standing across the road and abusing her, blaming her for the incident, he may go up in everyone’s estimation.

Citizens of Colne need to stand up and demand all these status-symbol dogs should be registered, muzzled in public and the owners heavily fined if their dog does not behave properly.

I remain totally outraged by the incident. It’s not the dogs but their ignorant owners.

Annette Hawkins

Cookhouse Road, Colne