Stair-lift Stasi target gran (87)

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You may not be able to print this as it seems the truth in Britain is not allowed these days in case someone is offended, but I’ll give it a shot.

My grandmother is 87 and lives in Clitheroe. She has never sponged anything from the state. My late grandfather the same, as well as serving in the war. She has more of her marbles together than most people.

She has a trapped nerve in her back which is making it difficult for her to get around and especially walk upstairs. The care and treatment she has received from the NHS has been very thin to say the least.

My mother has, at great expense, flown from South Africa to stay with her to assist where she can as my gran was having to pay for a carer out of her own pocket. The doctor advised she should go into a home; £440 a week, out of her own pocket!

It would have cost her a lot more if it wasn’t for the amazing friends and family we have there who deserve medals for all the help and time they have given. Yet these layabouts who want boob jobs and immigrants with 10 children get everything thrown at them.

My mother is trying to organise a stair lift for my gran. You would think she is trying to get the Kennedy assassination files opened.

My gran is being, for want of a better word, harassed, by the “stair lift Stasi”.

“How much money does she have?”

“What savings does she have?” “What policies does she have that are worth anything?” “Does she have any money hidden away she isn’t telling them about?”

She is not applying for a stair lift for the fun of it. She has paid her contributions all her life, why should she not be able to benefit without being subjected to an interrogation?

Perhaps a change of name to that of an East European sounding one would stand her in a better stead.

She would then probably get a new house as well, with as many stair lifts as she wanted and a free holiday to the Bahamas.

It is absolutely disgusting that a British pensioner is treated in this manner.

Simon Carter,

by email