Residents’ parking permits moans

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We recently received the reminder from Pendle Council for the annual renewal of the Residents’ Parking Permits.

I have just visited the council office in Earby to buy these only to be told the facility of issuing the permits has been withdrawn from Colne and Earby, and residents now have to go to Nelson.

How am I supposed to get from Earby to Nelson and back in my lunch hour without breaking all the rules in the Highway Code? And if I were able to make this epic journey, no doubt their offices would be closed for their lunch break, too.

I have politely asked the council if two parking permits could be made available for me to collect at the Earby office, to avoid myself or my wife taking unnecessary time off work.

Furthermore, we have seen increasing charges year on year for these permits and for what? No one seems to be policing the “privilege” of having residents parking, as random vehicles without permits are often taking up valuable spaces in the marked areas, sometimes for days if not weeks, and nothing is done.

I have always had praise for Pendle Council in the past but now I have every sympathy for the staff on the receptions in the Colne and Earby offices.

Disgruntled resident