Reject new homes - protect our countryside

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It was refreshing to read that residents of Worsthorne and Cliviger are fighting to stop extra housing being earmarked in the new Local Plan.

The original plan devised by Burnley Council’s planners was fair and protected the town’s countryside, but the additional requests, if allowed, will ruin our villages.

I would question whether the applicants have actually looked at a need for housing in these areas or if the submissions have really been made with the intention of making as much money as possible and without any regard for the countryside.

Some will argue the sites are just infill, but how far will infill go once it starts? If all the sites in both villages are given the go-ahead, there is potential that, in the future, the villages will join up and just become a huge suburb of Burnley.

And why would the people of Burnley want this, after all the countryside is one of our assets and should be protected for as long as possible for future generations to enjoy.

From what I can see, there has been no thought as to where new home-owners are going to send their children to school as both Cliviger and Worsthorne schools are already heavily subscribed.

And where is the sewage and road infrastructure and medical facilties? Also, what would be the effect of the huge volumes of traffic heading into Burnley, on roads which are already overloaded?

I hope the people and parish councils of both villages will join forces and urge the planners to see sense and protect our countryside!

Rebecca Hay

Red Lees Road, Cliviger