Reality of 21st Century England under Tory Government

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Your correspondent Jerry Buxton is another contestant in the increasingly popular pastime of “the race to the bottom”.

In his letter, he states he considers that, as the private sector has already imposed a “bedroom tax”, it is surely fair and in order to require council tenants to do the same.

So, Mr Buxton, is this the way forward from now on?

We all agree to accepting every charge the government places upon us providing we make sure everyone is affected, or rather everyone on a low income is affected.

I haven’t seen any evidence of this government’s policies having much effect on the rich and super rich except to make them richer.

The bedroom tax is an unfair tax that hits particularly hard the most vulnerable in our society. It would appear David Cameron himself is unaware of how the tax is affecting disabled people.

Earlier this year, it was reported a woman had taken her own life due to worries over payment of the extra rent she was being called upon to pay. It is a possibility further deaths could occur as people decide whether to pay the rent or heat their homes.

This is the reality of 21st Century England under a Tory Government.

Mrs Thatcher may be dead, but her influence is stronger than ever.

Jan Smith

Messenger Street, Nelson