Rail line would increase traffic chaos!

railway line
railway line
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I cannot let Tony Greaves missive about reopening the Colne to Skipton railway go unanswered.

In the middle of an ordinary afternoon last week, by that I mean it was not a bank holiday, it took me and scores of other drivers 20 frustrating, time-wasting, stop-starting, gear-changing, environment-polluting minutes to cover the mile and a half between junction 13 on the M65 to Langroyd Road. Heaven only knows what it will be like if Vivary Way is ever crossed by a railway line!

Oh, and Tony, and the other SELRAP fans, please don’t tell me that if the line is reopened it will take most of that traffic away. It won’t. All it will have done is wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

G. Metcalfe