Public need to know cash being managed properly

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Primarily, may I thank you for carrying the comment from Pendle’s Mr Mousdale in your paper with regard to the late submission of data to HMRC.

It clarified the issue raised in the auditor’s report somewhat. I have to ask why this transparency was not forthcoming initially from Barnoldswick Town Council?

I can appreciate the turmoil within the office as the Town Clerk stepped down but was this the first time the accounts were submitted on the extended date and, if not, what management actions were put in place previously to retrain and ensure future compliance through councillor scrutiny to protect public monies? They knew at least back in June about this situation.

At a time when our Town Council is contemplating taking over some items currently under the care of borough authorities with greater monies under its control, I believe it would be wise to invite a wide-ranging independent inquiry with fully binding outcome conducted in a short time frame to ensure the council is completely compliant and transparent and looks after the public monies and assets within its charge; because the public have to be reassured of proper management of public investment.

This would give a clean slate to any new Town Clerk starting and thus allow them the opportunity to adhere to the systems.

Mike Thompson

East Hill, Barnoldswick