Problems are reducing at danger bridge

West Bradford bridge has closed again for repair work for approximately three weeks. (s)
West Bradford bridge has closed again for repair work for approximately three weeks. (s)

We feel we must reply to the article on West Bradford Bridge.

Whil we agree it is very annoying that the bridge is once again closed for repairs, we can assure villagers parish councillors have been very active regarding this matter, and have met Lancashire County Council’s Senior Bridge Engineer and his staff on several occasions.

Prior to the warning signs being installed in 2013, a traffic census counted some 200 HGV movements over the bridge per week.

After the signs were erected, two traffic counts – in November 2013 and October 2014 – counted 47 and 45 HGV movements respectively.

This suggests the signs have been effective. In fact, since the signs have been installed, the latest incident has been the only significant bridge strike.

We believe the circumstances of this incident were unusual, as it occurred late at night, with a foreign driver following his Satnav.

It was suggested in your article the bridge should be widened, realigned or replaced. Following advice from the LCC Bridge Engineer, the parish council are not convinced this would solve the problem, even if finance were available. Any alterations to the bridge would create a preferred route to the north side of the Ribble, making it highly likely the bridge would see a huge increase in HGV traffic.

Within 300m of the bridge, the road through West Bradford crosses Bradford Brook at Mill Bridge.

This smaller and apparently insignificant bridge presents as many difficulties to HGVs as the bridge over the Ribble. Long vehicles find it particularly awkward to negotiate, and there has been damage in the past.

Further on, the junction by the Coronation Garden, and its approach, present even more challenges. Instead of our problems being solved, they would be increased, and moved a few hundred metres to the north.

The parish councillors will be monitoring the situation closely and will meet the LCC Bridge Engineer when required.

All village residents are welcome to attend the parish council meetings: the next will be on Tuesday, February 3rd, at 7-30 pm in the Village Hall.

Couns Andrew Bristol (Chairman), Hazel Best, Michael Fox, Bill Honeywell and Marilyn Wood.

West Bradford Parish Council