Postmen should be issued with dog biscuits

Dog awaits post
Dog awaits post
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It is generally recognised the lovely postal workers who deliver our letters every day are very vulnerable to attacks by dogs.

I hope they saw the recent TV programme on dogs.

The postman on his daily round is besieged by the friendliest dogs.

He carries a packet of dog biscuits in his bag and offers a handful to the expectant hounds. These should be an obligatory requisite for every postman to carry, issued by their local office.

This would constitute a considerable saving to the NHS, protecting their fragile resources attending to the bloodied and injured post personnel.

I offer a local example. The gentleman who obligingly delivers my medication from the health centre always carries a supply of dog biscuits and our dog always awaits his visits with enthusiastic anticipation – more than I do for my routine tablets!

Robin Parker

St Chad’s Avenue, Chatburn