Polling station loss leaves us disenfranchised

Ballot box
Ballot box
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How ironic, in the light of recent national coverage concerning the probability of voter fraud within the borough, that Coun. Cooper and her Labour flock should elect to support the removal of a polling station from the heart of one of the more physically voter active settlements within the borough.

Potentially 600-plus people have been denied the chance to make their political mark in person at an easily accessible, locally central point, previously deemed suitable but suddenly not.

Unless these members of the local electorate opt for the potentially less secure postal vote or journey to a distant alternative, cunningly placed in an area most have never been through, let alone gone to, they have effectively been disenfranchised.

Congratulations Labour and senior council officers for putting as many impediments in the electoral way while giving sound bites of dedicated electoral sincerity to the Press.

Coun. Cosima Towneley

Cliviger with Worsthorne