Political motives behind letters

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Over the last few weeks I have been reading a large amount of letters in your paper written by Mr Brian Tomlinson and to say I am saddened by his obvious attempts to smear some people in the Labour party is putting it mildly.

I think every right-minded person reading this should be made aware of his motives in doing so. This is the same Brian Tomlinson who, until recently, was a member of the Labour Party, who actually put himself forward to represent Labour on the council, isn’t it?

To the best of my belief Brian, your rather sudden conversion to the Lib-Dem persuasion is, quite frankly, beyond belief. No one is going to convince me you hold any true inclinations towards the Lib-Dems because, if that were true, you would’ve joined them long ago. Oh yes, you once made a threat to go to them when you couldn’t get your own way.

What you fail to recognise is the fact Labour are now in control of the council and so they are no longer the party of protest. They are now the governing party and, therefore, it is incumbent upon them to govern for the majority. They are doing so despite the vicious cuts made by your new party in coalition with the Tories.

By the way, you did actually manage to get a few things done in your era however, Brian, I don’t have a lot of time for people who behave in this manner. I am firmly of the opinion this whole episode has been caused because you failed in your attempt to become a group organiser for the party and the reason was quite simply because you didn’t win the vote. Quite obviously you don’t believe in the democratic process.

So, to conclude, I hope you will be happy with your new best friends because they certainly know a thing or two about turning coat, don’t they?

Mr K. Royle

Mizpah Street, Burnley