POEM: Autumn is approaching

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NOW autumn is here the winter is approaching near, the days are speeding by.

It’s getting cold, woosh swoosh, the leaves are falling fast. Soon all the leaves shall be gone with a blink, blink of an eye.

Ah, what a lovely and gentle autumn breeze. Now all around us, seemingly lifeless trees, stark bare, and all the animal cubs are in their lair.

Now monotonous drip, drip, drip rain, sudden and continuous downpour from the skies above. Wet and damp blankets the hills and valleys, filling the reservoirs and gullies alike.

Now washing away all the windswept heaps of fallen, once lush green leaves now golden to brown back to the nature’s womb.

Oh no its ghastly wind, biting chill it’s heading this way. Hurry, hurry home to warm and comforting dry shelter.

Now it’s bedtime, the night is drawing in, the darkness falling, do snuggle tight in your quilts and duvets. It is cold, go to sleep, wait, listen to the owls go twit, twit, twoo and the birds are chirupping their nightly chorus. Mum shouts up the stairs, go to sleep now!