Pleased with the work of my MP

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
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I must disagree with the anonymous writer with reference to Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans.

I have written dozens and dozens of letter to both previous MP David Waddington and our current MP and in every case both MPs have answered my many questions on the environment, field sports, angling and the Armed Services, often passing on the question to the relevant minister who would give me an answer one or two pages long. Sometimes I wasn’t satisfied with the answer, but that’s democracy.

I was involved in trying to get paratrooper Private Lee Clegg off a murder charge after he and others opened fire on a stolen car speeding towards their check point on a Belfast street at the height of IRA violence. In my opinion, the charges were the result of some MPs appeasing the Irish Republicans. Those killed were not someone’s little darlings, but possibly future IRA gunmen. The conviction was overturned to a charge of manslaughter, still a travesty of justice. After his release, Clegg returned to his regiment, serving with distinction as a sergeant in Afghanistan. Again, I was well supported by my MP.

Last week I had a 50-minute meeting with Nigel Evans and County Coun. Ian Brown to discuss conservation and pollution problems effecting the River Ribble and surrounding countryside and the loss of visitors due to the poor quality of salmon angling which, if improved, could bring many visitors to the Valley.

Martin James,