Planning betrayal for 30 pieces of silver

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Developers, councillors, governments etc., do your worst.

Stab us and the younger generations of the Ribble Valley in the back with the money-grabbing aimed at destruction of a thriving tourist area.

Thirty pieces of silver come to mind!

Statistics show younger voters especially are not using their votes. No wonder! Who on earth do they look up to?

Get some backbone and say “No” to overdevelopment and stand up for us who put you in your place of power. That, after all, is democracy – or be gone!

We, the people of the Ribble Valley are not as dumbed down as some of you would wish.

Democracy was hard fought for in this country, precious lives were lost for it.

David Cameron promised us Localism – now dead in the water; the Big Society – dead in the water. Unless of course he meant “big” in sheer volume of houses. Democracy is fighting for its life and now in intensive care.

S. Wilson and E. Parkinson