Pensioners prices out of town hall

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I must let you know what is happening to the pensioners of Brierfield and Reedley.

For 20 years, under the management of Pendle Council, we were allowed two hours on a Monday evening and two hours on a Thursday evening free in the town hall to play bingo. This is a non-profit making activity, which retired people enjoy.

Now, under the management of Brierfield Town Council, we are asked to pay £12.90 per hour which amounts to £206 per month!

There is no way we can afford this. We have paid one month to give us time to find another venue.

There are crèches and a youth club but nothing for retired people.

Come on town council, give us some concession.

Does this sound like the image of a caring council? Not in my book!

Betty Marshall

Brierfield and Reedley Pensioners’ Association