Passing the buck over homes plan

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So Coun. Terry Hill is upset by the valid criticism against him. Tough.

Readers need to take a large sack of salt with his statements, as Coun. Hill was very selective with his comments.

As an elected representative and Chairman of Planning, Coun. Hill should listen to and fairly reflect the majority view of the residents of Clitheroe and Barrow, and not hide behind the red tape rules, the so-called planning brief, Core Strategy red herring and delays.

I am disappointed to state that, in my personal opinion, his views cannot be trusted nor his promise to get back to residents regarding the Standen proposals. His passing the buck and feeble excuses are a disgrace to democracy and common sense and Coun. Hill should be deselected or at least show some decency and resign his position forthwith.

John Auster,