Parents must take responsibility for hoodlum kids

Nuisance youths
Nuisance youths

I write in response to two letters you printed entitled “Something Must be Done” and “It’s Time Something was Done” regarding “troubling youths” who are persecuting elderly people in the Duke Bar area of town.

I know several people who live in housing for the elderly, nearby the areas mentioned in the previous letters, who are being persecuted similarly, I believe by the same youths.

Some of these residents have complained “hundreds” of times to the police, Calico, the church (as the youths are of Pakistani origin) and the council over several years to no avail.

The youths damage property, throw things at windows, push things through doors, drink and take drugs, and act in a threatening manner to residents.

In one instance one youth was videoed masturbating in front of a window!

A CCTV camera was bought at the resident’s expense and a video sent to the police who said they could do nothing about it as they couldn’t recognise the youths as they were all wearing “hoodies”.

Apparently when the police have very visibly responded, and the church has sent representatives around, the youths scatter when they see them.

I do not accept that nothing can be done about this problem! These youths surely are not above the law, otherwise we have anarchy.

The longer it is allowed to continue the worse it will become.

It is not only the responsibility of the police either. Parents wake up! Find out where your children are in the evenings and at night!

If you find they are up to no good, and won’t listen to you, report them to the authorities.

This letter has also been sent to the Chief Inspector of Police.

A very concerned volunteer community worker