Paid into system for 40 years but no support for me

Job Centre Plus shop. Photo: Chris Ison/PA Wire
Job Centre Plus shop. Photo: Chris Ison/PA Wire
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For the past 40 years I have paid my taxes and National Insurance. Two years ago, I had a tumour removed, which left me with blurred vision and bronchitis. My employer eventually released me as I could no longer fulfil my duties to them.

After attending an Atos medical, conducted by an examiner who spoke poor English, with a worse grasp of our written language, I was told I was indeed fit for work. As I am unable to view a screen or conduct any physical activity, I am open to suggestions as to which employment roles are still open to me.

I resent paying into a system that offers no support when called upon. We borrow money to donate to countries that are capable of funding the cost of sending probes to Mars and landing on the moon while many of our own fully paid-up members miss out.

I would ask these callous, welfare-reform decision-makers to have the foresight to bear in mind that it is just as easy to vote someone out of office, as it is to vote them in.

Mark Clarkson