Our village is becoming a rat run

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I would like to express my concerns about a very small village in Pendle that seems to be heading to its ruins by the political party currently in power.

The latest proposals in the new Pendle Local Plan include a threat to take green belt land between Nelson and Barrowford for an extension of Lomeshaye Industrial Estate up to the bypass between Carr Hall and Fence.

This is a serious threat to Barrowford Green Belt and once they have taken one bite, who knows what will be next?

A new access is planned from a new roundabout on the bypass which will bring a lot more heavy traffic and cars on to this road.

If the Conservatives continue in power in the wonderful village of Barrowford, it will be destroyed.

Already the likes of Morrisons are entering the village which seems a very strange decision despite Booths and already an existing Spar and with Nelson Morrisons only five minutes away from Gisburn Road. Why do we need another supermarket?

This will put a massive strain on the village and the traffic on Gisburn Road which already is congested. Once it was a village, now it’s being turned into a rat run.

Businesses that have served us well will lose out due to financial turmoil due to the buying power these large organisations have. It will of course create jobs, but it’s very short sighted due to the fact all the independent shops could lose out who have created the local village atmosphere for many years.

With the green bin charge along with extra supermarkets and the extension of the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate, have we got the right people to run our once quaint village?

Support the village, keep it a village.

Gavin Roper

Barrowford (via email)