Our government is no longer in control of the country

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The Conservative, Labour and Liberal politicians are still trying to pull the wool over our eyes on the question on our EU Referendum.

They are all committed to staying in the EU, paying the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to tell us what we must and must not do in our own country.

This is my personal statement, when I stood as the UKIP candidate in Blackburn against Jack Straw in 2011 then, as now, I feel the people are entitled to know the truth.

Dorothy Baxter (61), retired, lives in Barnoldswick, feels very strongly about the way our politicians have given our country away to foreign powers. What could not be achieved by two world wars has been achieved by the pen.

When we voted in the early ‘70s we did not vote for what we have now got. I know many people feel as I do, that it is not worth voting, that the three main parties are all the same.

But there is a way out: it is not inevitable that we end up as a mere province of the EU superstate. This is why I decided I must become a candidate and give people something to turn out to vote for.

I have watched as what predicted, back in 1977 and before by the anti-EU groups, has slowly become a reality. Our government no longer has control. The various treaties signed by the people in power have given control to people who do not know or care what is best for Britain.

Mrs D. Baxter