On-the-spot fines please for litter louts

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On Sunday, July 7th,)I was driving over the river at Edisford and, on approach from the Clitheroe side, saw many seagulls circling over the field on the other side of the river.

As I got over the the river it soon became apparent why. The field looked like an extension of Henthorn tip. The field was strewn with bottles, cans, plastic bags and, no doubt the thing the gulls where wanting, which was scraps of food.

This weather certainly brings the crowds out. They park wherever they can, be it on double yellow lines or just anywhere that is within easy reach of the river bank.

The police say it is not a matter for them that people are parked on double yellow lines, it is the traffic wardens. The car park opposite the baths is about the furthest I have seen them out of town.

I thought the deluge of rubbish I witnessed that day was bad, but nothing to what it was like after the crowds left last Saturday evening (July 13th). It is a sad state of affairs that we have to employ litter pickers, but I suppose it is just a sign of the times.

These guys do a fantastic job and most local people would be amazed to see some areas of town in the early hours over the weekend.

By the time Joe Public rise and shine, the streets are rid of lots of rubbish that has been discarded by people on their way home from a night out and a visit to one of several food outlets in town. I am of the impression most of the litter etc. left by the river is left by visitors from out of town.

We have family over from Australia and the young children of 14 and 16 could not believe what they saw.

A visitor to the area a few weeks ago witnessed the mayhem school leavers created and said (in these columns) he would never return, and who could blame him?

Maybe these areas should be policed by plain clothed officers who could issue on-the-spot fines to people throwing litter away.

A deterrent works wonders as a rule. Either that or close these areas of to the public.

Mr Robert Kay,

Edisford Road, Clitheroe