My four key questions for you

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Rather than pontificate about some matter or other, I would like to pose some questions and hope for answers from readers.

One: the problems of the Middle East revolve around peoples of religious faith: Jews, Christians and Muslims, all believers in one and the same God. So why is it so difficult to reach peaceful solutions?

Two: in relation to Q1, why do we and other Western powers sell arms to them and around the world and rejoice at the billions of orders received and the employment it secures, especially if these “defence systems” are used and countries have to repeat their orders.

Three: why is there this growth of UKIP? If we do withdraw from Europe or any area of co-operation with other countries and are free to run our own Government, set our laws without bothering about others, will we have proper justice.

Four: as a lifelong Liberal can anyone explain “safe seats” and how influential people select a constituency knowing they have over 90% a winning majority? How can a party have a selection meeting with only one candidate?

During the next nine months I will questions our General Election hopefuls. If past experience is anything to go by I/we should not expect much enlightenment.

Derek E. Mann