MP is now a liability to the Conservatives

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
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I am writing to say I am in total agreement with the letter that MP Nigel Evans should stand down before the next General Election.

His actions, although not illegal, have indeed shown him to behave in a promiscuous manner not befitting an MP, and indeed if Parliament does want to “clean up their act” then Mr Evans should go.

It was well reported during the trial that Mr Evans had been warned about his behaviour toward junior staff and he was to seek more appropriate company.

Why then, only recently, was he attending “a unique European Young Conservatives study visit to Belarus”?

Would it not have been more sensible to have learnt from his mistakes, heed all the warnings and keep away from Young Conservatives and junior staff alike?

I am afraid that – like the last few letters have stated – Mr Evans has become a liability we Conservatives can ill afford.

The Ribble Valley without a Tory MP is unthinkable.

After 20 years, Mr Evans needs to stand down and seek alternative employment or UKIP will have an open goal!

Mr Walsh