More like a chimps’ tea party than a library

book shelves
book shelves
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I had the misfortune to visit the old library at Colne last Friday, my first visit for some time.

Having been under the impression the library should be a place of quiet, I was appalled at what I saw and heard.

A constant stream of noise came from the front of the building, which sounded more like a chimp’s tea party, from what seemed to be a mothers’ and children’s club. This finally led to the children running round the library with their mothers laughing and chasing after them, both shouting at the top of their voices.

I am old enough to remember the peace and quiet of the old library where one could select and perhaps read part of a book while silence would prevail.

Alas, no more. A friends of mine said this was the library dumbing down. How true.

Mrs N. Phildes