Meat trade is essential to maintain countryside

New piglets
New piglets
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Replying to Mr Stuttard’s letter regarding “violent meat trade”, I have read that an unbalanced diet like a vegan diet can affect the eyesight and brain of some humans. This appears to have happened to Mr Stuttard. First, he gets the date wrong: my letter was published on April 26th not May 3rd. Secondly, I did not mention removing piglets’ teeth, only the snipping of the end of their razor sharp fangs.

Referring to baby piglets’ tails, I did not mention cutting off their tails, only the nonsensitive part at the end.

As for castration in most farm animals. This is necessary to maintain the quality and high standard of our British farm livestock today and it also restricts overstocking and interbreeding.

It appears Mr Stuttard knows very little about our farmers who keep our countryside in idyllic condition. Also, producing fine, fresh produce, which is enjoyed by overseas visitors and townspeople around the UK. Our countryside would not look so good without the sheep and cattle grazing and fertilising our land, instead of being covered with boring, vegan type crops, helping some people produce yet more natural, hot air.

Finally, referring to the use of anaesthetic for minor operations. At an early stage of life of these farm animals, which is quick and bloodless, and without stress an anaesthetic will not stop pain after a given short time after any operation just as with humans. I didn’t feel any pain when I was muted.

Peter Wolfenden

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