Looking forward to move into new health centre

Colne Health Centre.
Colne Health Centre.
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I have been making a few inquiries regarding the delay of the move from old to new premises at Colne Health Centre and I believe a date has now been set by some of the GPs to move on Friday, May 16th, and be in the new building by the following Monday.

At last there seems to be some movement but I hope it is planned so the least disruption to the patients and public is avoided if not all the GPs move at the same time and services including the current pharmacy which is also transferring service across to the new build it could be chaos

This I presume will be avoided by good management and negotiation of all services involved ? Otherwise we will be back to square one and lack of communication is what as held up the process in the first place!

Good luck to all involved and let’s look forward to a better facility for the towns people and a new town centre look and more business in the town.

Colne Lover