Looking forward to explanation from parish council

The former Bull and Butcher pub.
The former Bull and Butcher pub.
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We would like to take issue with the letter from Pat Osbaldeston, chairman of Habergham Eaves Parish Council regarding the Bull & Butcher Pub in Manchester Road.

Firstly, unless they saw a different set of plans to the rest of us, the proposed development was for the land at the bottom of the car park, not the small triangle of land at the front.

Secondly, I’d like to draw attention to the comment of no incidents of drinking, drug-taking and teenagers hanging around having been reported. There have been many calls and plenty of visits by the police because of the problems and we take exception to practically being told we are lying.

We have had to live with this, unlike members of the parish council, who seem to make decisions on our behalf. Bearing in mind the 20 years we have lived here, we have never met them and do not know who they are and they have not had the courtesy to speak to us about the problems. We have now tracked down when the next meeting will be and look forward to some explanations.

While we appreciate the efforts the parish council have made to keep the surrounding area clean and tidy and while we think the poppies planted to commemorate the 1914 World War are a very welcome gesture, we feel it would have looked better in front of a renovated, successful business.

Mr and Mrs Fallows

Rossendale Avenue