LETTER: Why are all our public toilets being closed?

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Why all the fuss about RVBC closing public toilets?

Surely it would be much more cost effective for RVBC to supply villages with their own poo bins.

Savings made could then go towards the cost of RVBC Outreach Officers touring the valley by helicopter, meeting and greeting coach parties, tourists, walkers and other desperate passers-by in the outlying villages, and issuing “Welcome to Ribble Valley” poo bags. Larger bags could be issued to long stay visitors.

Further saving could be made by closing the council offices’ own toilets, and councillors and staff using facilities provided by nearby businesses and charity shops.

To save even more money, Councillor Thompson and his advisers could also offer to voluntarily empty the poo bins in their own spare time, at their own convenience of course – pun also intended.

Anyone travelling away from home, particularly those with children, the disabled and the older generation, know only too well the importance of provision of clean and decent public toilet facilities, availability of which are a common courtesy.