LETTER: Where have all the Elder Statesmen gone in politics?

Last week UKIP’s Philip Griffiths asked the question: where have the conservatives gone?

I am more inclined to ask where have all the sensible politicians gone? What happened to those people we used to refer to as respected Elder Statesmen, and indeed women? Remember them, the politicians that commanded respect from all parties, those wise old sages we all listened to?

Since last week’s edition we have witnessed the idiotic spectacle of two top Tories, one our Home Secretary, the other a wacky bumptious ex-Minister, arguing whether it was fair to mention the cat of an illegal immigrant criminal ought to be taken into account when a court considered the person’s human rights and whether he should be allowed to stay in our country. Take note; the argument was not about the outcome of the case, but whether it was fair to even mention the cat was involved!

There is no hope for us if we continue to be governed by this party of Empty Numpties. Let’s also remember that a while ago, over the other side, Nice Nick Clegg, when asked on camera a question about old age pensions, had to be corrected when he guessed badly it was about £30 ar week.

The performance of today’s main party MPs beggar’s belief; though I have to say it would have been a wonderful source of material for The Goons or Monty Python. So too many local authorities are an embarrassment to their towns or cities.

After the fall of John Major’s disastrous “Family Values” regime it seemed the Tories decided it might be best to stay in opposition. While New Labour were busy ruining our country and culture the Tories hardly made a noise and appeared to purposely take backward steps.

Two top government Ministers are failed leaders from that era. Perhaps the rank and file Tories thought it best if they kept a low profile; a cushy job, no responsibility, no-one noticing the vast amounts of expense claims and “fees” for favours. As we know those dubious practices have not been confined to any one party.

The point is, many people have never seen the sense of giving their vote to a candidate of a minority party on the basis that only the main parties have the necessary knowledge and resources therefore will govern us better. We now know more than ever that is a fallacy. They certainly do not have the wisdom.

Perhaps it is time we listened a little more carefully to what minority parties like UKIP have to say. Time for a change of faces, and new ways of thinking.


The Crescent, Clitheroe