LETTER: West Craven should join Ribble Valley in boundary changes

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What a sensible conclusion from the Boundaries Commission, “Keep rural areas rural”. West Craven going under Clitheroe (Ribble Valley) who took over parts of Yorkshire in the 1974 reorganisation, i.e. Gisburn, Bowland, Waddington etc.

Twenty years ago, we at CRY fought a long and hard battle to return West Craven to its rightful place under a Yorkshire Authority. We sent a petition with over 3,000 names to Westminster, held a phone-in and had a vote in one ward (Craven) to try to get the Government to realise the wishes of the people, although we won hands down - alas, it was all in vain as we were told they could not cross the administrative boundaries set up in 1974, even though John Redfern MP stood up and said woe betide the man who tries to move the Yorkshire/Lancashire boundary; this received a standing ovation from the house. Nothing was achieved and the boundaries review put on hold.

There was, at that time, a small-minded local and Pendle councillor who tried his best to undermine our campaign, who now does not command the same authority but will no doubt try to scupper the new proposals which are far better for West Craven than the Nelson-Burnley one he would no doubt choose. We are surrounded by countryside, unlike the co-joined Colne-Nelson-Brierfield-Burnley, we certainly have more in common with the Ribble Valley than Pendle. The new boundary would be, in fact, the original Yorkshire/Lancashire boundary “County Brook”.

Although this would not be the proud Yorkshire men and women’s first choice, it is a definite improvement on Pendle and their alternative and, of course, we would be united with fellow Tykes on the outskirts of the Ribble Valley.

I, therefore, advise all West Craveners to accept this congenial proposal and think of the benefits financial and prestigious this alliance will bring, yet hope that one day we will be governed by the White Rose again.


Cobden Street,