LETTER: We would be daft to want our council tax bills raising

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A couple of weeks ago, I asked Mark Porter if we were daft enough to elect him to clarify how he would cut the county council’s part of the council tax that, at the moment, is well over £1,100 of my over £1,500 bill.

He tells us all the things he would not have done. That’s of supreme indifference to me. The question remains: what are you going to cut? The previous Labour administration spent my money like it was going out of fashion and I want you to stop doing that, because if you get in again, and raise it by another 97% as you did last time, you will have forced me and many others out of our homes because we cannot afford you. So answer the question: what will you cut? If it’s nothing and you intend to spend, then be honest and say so.

What you’re hoping to do is slide into power on a backlash against the current Tories. David Cameron has little effect on my council tax. It’s the county council that hurts me. The current Conservative councillors have realised we have a problem and cut the tax. We, the little people, would be very stupid to throw out people cutting our taxes and put Labour back in to raise them again. That, as they say, would be just plain daft.


Kibble Grove, Brierfield