LETTER: We have been forgotten in Nelson regeneration

A large refurbishment around the centre of Nelson, parts of Scotland Road, Market Street down to the library and Manchester Road through to Leeds Road has taken place. Though it is very nice with modern benches, decorative railings, stylish bins and beautiful flower beds, it would seem the bottom half of Scotland Road has been very much neglected.

Over recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to attract customers to this section of Scotland Road and though we had some hope in an improvement in trade, we feel justified in saying all the planning and money spent on this refurbishment has done absolutely nothing for this section of Scotland Road. We feel strongly that, despite the short walk, we are still very much part of the town centre.

We have one small inadequate litter bin which does not accommodate the ever-increasing “take away” outlets.

We have scruffy old benches that need attention.

The uneven pavements that collect large pools of water will invariably lead to accidents and litigation.

The large overgrown bushes detract rather than enhance our area.

The wide pavement next to dual carriage way would be better used as parking facilities.

Matching bins and benches incorporated would also help to unify us with the newly modernised centre.

The back street to Scotland Road is constantly littered with rubbish and rotting food and some areas on this street have been used as a human toilet.

As you can surely appreciate, as honest shopkeepers who are trying very hard to survive in an area where more and more shops are closing, we do feel very much neglected.