LETTER: Waste of cash over household waste recyling centre closures

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I AM writing to bring your attention to a letter received today from Jo Turton, Executive Director for the Environment at Lancashire County Council, Preston, regarding the decision to close several Household Waste Recycling Centres including Colne.

I was one of “over 4,000 individuals” who responded to a request for support regarding non-closure of this centre and did read in your paper about the decision which had been made to go ahead with the closure, and accepted this as I do understand the need for LCC to make savings. I do, however, wonder what plans are to be made for people who cannot or will not be able to go to another town to dispose of their waste items.

I also have a comment to make about the letter I received, as follows:- Who, in their wisdom, thought it rational to send a letter to over 4,000 people who responded to the consultation and has anyone counted the cost of such an exercise in manpower, postage etc? In these times of cuts right, left and centre, how can this irrational waste of money be justified?