LETTER: Warning over plans for new homes in Whalley

With regard to the offers made by the developer Commercial Estates Group – a word of warning.

When the Calderstones development was being considered, the developers then offered to build a primary school and land was set aside for the purpose.

When the houses had been built the school was quietly forgotten – until very recently when 14 more houses were built on that designated land.

The moral of this story – do not take “promises” for granted. It is easy to promise schools etc., but where will the funding be found? Not from the developers, as funding is needed not just for the erection of the building, but for future staffing and maintenance.

The other (and I think more pressing) issue is the warning, both nationally and internationally, of food shortages, and yet we still do not have the foresight to use land (such as Lawsonsteads) to help to feed ourselves, and future generations.

The proposed housing has not been identified as needed, and estate agents around the area are full of houses which they have difficulty selling.

Despite David Cameron’s Big Society initiative, the voices of the people of Whalley and surroundings will be overwhelmed by the louder voices (and bigger finances with which to fight) of developers such as Commercial Estates Group.


Hodder Court,