LETTER: Warning over dog attack

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I AM sure many readers will agree the first section of the “Pendle Way” by the Water Meetings in Barrowford is absolutely delightful and if you are very lucky, you may be able to observe a variety of wild life, possibly deer, kingfisher, foxes, herons, etc., along the way.

I have walked along the path many times, but last Friday, my dog which was on a tight lead, was savagely attacked near to the isolated white cottage, by a black collie which was off lead.

The owner was working nearby digging drainage channels in the grass verge and only called off his dog when it had ripped a piece of flesh out of my dog’s upper thigh.

A trip to the vets ensured along with a bill for £141. Sadly, to date, the owner has refused to pay.

The council’s Dog Welfare Officers and Footpath Officer have been informed along with the three Barrowford councillors, to see what action can be taken.

So in the meantime, dog walkers please beware when walking along this path. If any one else has experienced a dog attack by this particular dog, I am sure the above council officers would be pleased to know.

I can’t believe I am the only one, or may be it because my dog is a dalmatian?